Furnace Repair & Installation

Your Local Furnace Repair & Maintenance Experts

Precision Heat and Cool are your local furnace repair professionals. Keeping your furnace maintained is important so you’re not wasting money. 

Signs you need furnace maintenance:

  • Uneven temperatures in your home
  • Odd smells coming from your home
  • The furnace is making unusual noises
  • Your energy bill is higher than usual
  • Low airflow
  • Your furnace isn’t blowing warm air

High-Efficiency Home Heating Options

If you find your heating bill is rising, you might want to look for a higher efficiency furnace. Furnaces that are older than 10-15 years have lower performance levels than today. To explain, the efficiency of a furnace is determined by AFUE. This stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. An AFUE rating of 80% means 80% of the energy was used to heat the home while the other 20% wasted.

For example, Lennox offers furnaces with an AFUE rating up to 98.7! Save more on your energy bill with Precision Heat and Cool.

Types of Furnaces to Heat your Home

Gas/Oil Furnace

  • Used by most home owners in Alberta
  • Blows heated air through ducts
  • Fuel is burned with air 

Electric Furnace

  • Produces heat with electric heating elements instead of gas burners
  • Works like a giant hair dryer
  • Doesn’t give off carbon monoxide
  • Enviromentally friendly

Heat Pump

  • Acts like a two-way air conditioner
  • Heats and cools your home
  • Takes in warm air from outside to heat your home. Gets help from an electrical system. In the same way, transfers hot air inside to outside.


  • Heats water that is moved through pipes to heat your home
  • Runs on natural gas, propane, oil, or wood
  • Includes indoor floor heating
  • Does not require ductwork

Precision Heat and Cool will get you the right answers.

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