Hot Water Tank/Water Heater Repair & Installation

Need Help Installing a New Water Heater?

Looking at getting a new hot water tank for your home? At Precision Heat & Cool we’ll help you pick out the water heater best suited for your home.

When to install a new water heater:

  • Rusty water
  • Water leaks
  • Older unit (more than 15 years)
  • Running out of hot water quickly

Hot Water Tank Maintenance & Repairs

 Nobody likes cold showers. To keep your water heater lasting longer, regular maintenance should be done yearly. Otherwise, mineral buildup can sit in the tank causing issues. Call Precision Heat and Cool for hot water tank repair and maintenance.

Hot water tank maintenance includes:

  • Looking for unusual corrosion around plumbing joints
  • Checking the anode rod
  • Draining the tank to wash out the sediment
  • And more…

Types of Hot Water Tanks for your Home

Tankless Water Heater

  • Heat water up on demand
  • Best for homes using natural gas to heat the water
  • More energy efficient than a storage water tank

Heat Pump 

  • Captures heat from the air and transfers it to the water
  • Uses electricity 
  • Also known as a Hybrid Water Tank 
  • Energy efficient

Conventional Storage Tank

  • Get a certain amount of hot water at a time
  • Most common and affordable
  • Easier to install

Condensing Water Heater

  • Need more than 55 gallons of hot water
  • Uses natural gas

Precision Heat and Cool can guarantee you the right answers.

Request a quote from Precision Heat and Cool today or ask any questions you may have about your hot water tank or heater.

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